Granluce -Italian Pasta

Italian Pasta since 1901

More about the brand

Pastificio Granluce is one of the most ancient factories manufacturing dried Italian pasta products in the famous Abruzzo region. 

Our experience dates back to 1901, and our knowledge and passion have been passed on to five generations. We are one of the very few Italian companies manufacturing pasta with a drying process at low temperatures (60 Celsius). This kind of process preserves organoleptic and nutritional qualities of the raw materials, and results in very high quality pasta products.

Our selected pasta offering includes: penne rigate, penne rigate integral, paccheri, linguine, spaghetti, lasagna sheet and tagliatelle.

Spagetti 500 gm
Granluce -Italian Pasta
Linguine Pasta 500 gm
Granluce -Italian Pasta
Pene Rigate Pasta 500 gm
Granluce -Italian Pasta
Papardelle Nest 500 gm
Granluce -Italian Pasta
Pacherri Pasta 500 gm
Granluce -Italian Pasta
Penne Rigate Wholemeal 500 gm
Granluce -Italian Pasta

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