Cavanna - Italian Olive Oil

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Since Sergio Cavanna founded Cavanna Olii 60 years ago, we have travelled around Italy and the world in search of the best raw materials and the most reliable oil producers. We are proud to care for and put our customers first. 

The special processing of our extra virgin olive oil maintains precious substances such as vitamins and polyphenols. Cavanna Olii has a definite yet sweet, perfumed flavour. Its fragrance and authenticity make this precious product ideal for top quality catering, especially when used crude, on salads or in soups, or to add flavour to delicate dishes.

Raw materials are stored in stainless steel tanks, partly above ground and partly below it, at a controlled temperature. Cavanna Olii manages production via an accurate quality system to identify and evaluate potential food and agricultural risks - and so avoid hazards to the product quality before, during, and after production. 

Cavanna Olii employs a fully-automated, latest-generation filtering system for extra virgin olive oils, to obtain better filtering quality. The result is a fine, top product.

Cavanna Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Cavanna - Italian Olive Oil

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