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Video: Unmatched purity with MonViso water at The Hotel Show 2019

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In 2018, MonViso launched the 750 ml and 375 ml glass bottles for MonViso Italian Natural Mineral Water, with both still and sparkling options. The company aimed for a minimalistic design for the bottles, as it wanted to ensure the product would stand out based on its properties: springs from the highest source in Europe and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the lowest sodium content in the world and a very low count of minerals. 

More from Stefano Iorini, managing director at MonViso:

MonViso stands out in the competitive water industry as being a brand with a heart. Actually, the most important launch for us will always be our “Take Water. Give Life” initiative. For every litre sold through designated partners, AED 1 is directed to Al Jalila Foundation. Together, we’re preparing for a better future as we believe in transforming lives through medical education and research.

A rapidly growing population means a growing need for medical capacity. At Al Jalila Foundation, they work to discover innovative solutions to address the medical challenges of the future. On a monthly basis, we respect our commitment and direct the litres raised to Al Jalila Foundation. With the support of all our partners and clients who made the choice to “Take Water. Give Life” until August 31, we raised 460,069 litres together.

What are some of the most unique properties of your water?

MonViso is a 100% natural mineral water. The source of the water is Monviso mountain, in the Italian Alps, part of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve area. At 2,042 metres altitude, this is the highest one in Europe. The higher the source, the greater the guarantee of a pristine environment and good water quality.

With only 0.33 mg/litre, MonViso has one of the lowest sodium levels in the world, making it perfect for low-sodium diets. MonViso is extremely light with a count of 48 mg/litre of dissolved solids. A water with these characteristics is, not only safe to drink in large quantities, but also helps avoid physical fatigue, promotes diuresis and is recommended for controlling hypertension and kidney problems.

The taste of the fabulous dishes prepared by top chefs will not be affected when drinking MonViso. The balanced composition of the water ensures a seamless tasting experience.

Why should businesses purchase your product?

Partnering up with MonViso, a business will have ensured the following three advantages:

• Offering, at a competitive price, a premium 100% natural Italian product for their clients

• Giving back to the community by being part of the “Take Water. Give Life” initiative

• Being an eco-conscious brand and recycling; we would develop the ideal logistic solution for our clients to provide free collection of the empty glass or plastic bottles

We’re a brand with a heart and, by association, our clients will become brands with hearts. Our aim is to have many more companies become part of the “Take Water. Give Life” initiative. Less is more and, with joined forces, we would be able to do a lot of good together.

Moreover, we believe in developing long-term partnerships with our clients to ensure that common goals are achieved. We aim to establish proactive communication with partners and generate successful logistical, distribution, marketing and sales activities.

What’s in the pipeline for your company and its product offerings? 

On the corporate side, we’re working on creating tailor-made solutions for our partners in the different industries we’re active in. Retailers have certain demands in comparison to the hotel industry, but we will make sure to develop a suitable set of actions and ensure the best service for them.

For our end users, we’ve been actively sponsoring more than 500 sporting events since the beginning. We believe exercising and hydrating properly go hand in hand. This year, we’re very proud to be the Official Water Sponsor of the Dubai 30 Days Fitness Challenge and be able to create additional awareness over our “Take Water. Give Life” initiative. 

Hydration will play a vital role for all participants at the event during this period and we created two special bulk packages for clients who are keen on being part of our initiative. For example, one of the packages has a retail price of AED 307 for eight packs of 1.5 litres (pack of six bottles). Throughout the event period, we will be selling it for AED 205, with almost a 30% discount applied to 72 litres of water.

However, the most important part is that from the price of AED 205, AED 72 will be directed to Al Jalila Foundation for future medical research. We will provide free delivery and collection of the empty plastic bottles. Everyone participating in the challenge can easily give back to the community and help create a better future. The choice is theirs to be part of the “Take Water. Give Life” initiative.


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