Our Sustainability Commitment

Our success is inextricably linked to the way we conduct business and we believe in embracing purpose and conducting responsible and ethical operations.



Our Sustainability Commitment

Our success is inextricably linked to the way we conduct business and we believe in embracing purpose and conducting responsible and ethical operations.

Why is sustainability important for Monviso Trading ?

"Over the past years, we have been striving to source quality products for our clients, to create a culture of excellence driven by passion for our employees, as well as to deliver a positive social and environmental impact through our corporate responsibility programs. We have been constantly exploring new ways of being not just a regular business, but one that adds value to everyone it interacts with. And so, we decided to take a step ahead and embarked on a new and exciting journey by setting the foundation of a 360  sustainability strategy for Monviso Trading, which has at its core the unique framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. As with all new beginnings, we know that we have a long way to go, but our aspiration is to embed sustainability and to embrace the SDGs at all levels, allowing us to generate value for all"

Stefano Iorini - Managing Director

Our Sustainability Pillars

Our product portfolio represents a unique opportunity to contribute resolving social and environmental challenges and advance towards a more sustainable world.
We are committed to create value for everyone we interact with, and we recognize that people are at the heart of any organization.
Becoming resource efficient and minimizing waste, equally supports our organizational goals and lessens the pressure on the planet's resources and ecosystems.
Our partners play and integral role in our success and we can only thrive if we all come together and share values, resources and knowledge.
What we can do as a business through our model represents just a portion of the impact we can have. Our CSR initiatives support us generate shared value.

Sustainable Development Goals

In order to ensure that our sustainability strategy supports the global and local efforts in securing a better future, we have built it under the umbrella of the Sustainable Development Goals. We have looked at our business model and have discovered that through our current programs and initiatives we have a significant impact on 4 SDGs, which represent our priority areas. Our aim is to set ambitious targets in order to maximize our positive impact on each of the goals and contribute to the global agenda through the way we conduct our business.

Highlights Of Our Journey

We know we have a long way to go for achieving sustainability across all our business areas, but given that our journey has just started, we are proud of what we have achieved so far. Our aim is to release in 2020 our first sustainability report, which will represent a comprehensive view of our initiatives and plans for the future.


We have conducted our first sustainability workshop, during which our employees had the unique opportunity to better understand what are the Sustainable Development Goals, how can we as an organization align them to our business strategy and more importantly what can we do as individuals in order to positively contribute to them. 


We are continuously exploring new ways on how to also minimize waste at a consumer level, by our collection and recycling initiatives at the end of our products life.
To give a new purpose to the plastic bottles, we have partnered with Dgrade, an organization using an innovative technology to produce fiber from plastic waste and contributes to a circular economy.

So far, we have collected from our customers 12.6 tons of plastic bottles and sent them to recycling, this is the equivalent of 226,800 plastic bottles which didn't end in the landfill!


Through our collaborations we aim to create a more sustainable business ecosystem, from which we can all benefit in the present and secure a better future. We promote adopting healthy lifestyles and engage with our stakeholders by bringing them together in community activities.

Hydration for Champions

Hydration for Champions is MonViso's exclusive program, dedicated only to the athletes of our dearest partners, including clubs, academies, and companies. Athletes get special rates and promotions plus the chance to join our humanitarian initiative

Take Water. Give Life.

Official water sponsor: Dubai 30x30 Challenge

Launched in 2017, the Dubai Fitness Challenge is an annual initiative which challenges everyone in Dubai to complete 30 minutes of activity per day for 30 days. Our aim is to promote healthy lifestyles through: proper hydration, contribution to medical research and repurposing plastic waste.

Skydive Dubai partners with MonViso's

Skydive Dubai, the company that has developed two of the world's foremost skydiving locations, has partnered with MonViso, Dubai's premier Alpine mineral water brand and its "Take Water. Give Life" initiative to raise funds for Al Jalila Foundation's lifesaving humanitarian work in the field of medical education and medical research.


Al Jalila Foundation is our partner in enhancing societal well being and therefore each of their achievements becomes not only the story we are proud of supporting, but also our clients personal impact in advancing progress towards a healthier world.

Impact stats

Through the contribution of AED 1 per litre of MonViso water sold, together we are part of the impact generated by Al Jalila Foundation's initiatives.


patients sponsored for medical treatment


children with chronic diseases received lifesaving medical treatment


vaccines treat maternal and neonatal tetanus across 20 countries


children with musculoskeletal deformities received treatment and 9 were screened


parents graduated from the Ta'alouf Parents Training


teachers graduated from schools across the UAE

Our Partner in Sustainability

We support.

We have pledged our support to transforming the world into a sustainable one.

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